1025LX Specifications

ne of three possible: 60, 100, 110 inches of mercury. All function absolute or differential.

Overall Accuracy
0.00028 In Hg 0.0015% of reading.

Reference Pressure
Not to exceed 100 In HgA.

Slew Rate
Moving Cistern: 0.02 to 50 inches per minute up or down.
Pressure: Rate of change of controlled pressure is dependent upon volume connected externally to the manometer.

Response Time (High Accuracy Nulling)
From 100 In HgA to 0.5 In HgA = Less than 60 seconds (nominally less than 15 seconds).
From 0.3 In HgA to 0.5 In HgA = Less than 90 seconds.

Pressure Controller Range (Inches of Hg)

Differential Mode: 0.0000 to full scale.

Absolute Mode (w/ standard Pressure Controller): 0.3000 to full scale

Absolute Mode (w/ Low Pressure Option): 0.0500 to full scale

Pressure Controller Accuracy
In the completely Automatic mode, null offsets (without manual adjustment) may be as much as 0.0003 In Hg.
There is a null offset adjustment on the Front Control Panel which reduces the null offset for a given pressure to zero.
When this manual adjustment is used, the entire system (including Pressure Controller) is then accurate within the
tolerances stated.

Automatic Temperature and Gravity Correction
0.0007% of reading when cabinet temperature gradients are maintained below 0.15F

Manometer Cabinet Temperature
A blower system reduces cabinet temperature gradients to 0.15F

The above specifications are valid when ambient temperature is in the range 65F to 85F with a 3F/hour
maximum rate of change. The Manometer must be installed on a stable floor to minimize level changes and vibration.

Overall Dimensions
60" Model: Width = 24" (60cm). Depth = 45" (112.5cm), Height = 87" (217.5cm)
100" Model: Width = 43" (107.5cm), Depth = 45" (112.5cm), Height 127" (317.5cm)
110" Model: Width = 43" (107.5cm), Depth = 45" (112.5cm), Height = 139" (347.5cm)

Weight (approx.)
60" Model: 1000 lbs. (450 kg)
100" Model: 1350 lbs. (607.5 kg)
110" Model: 1500 lbs. (675 kg)

Power Requirements
115 Volts, 60 Hz, 5 Amps, Single Phase

Pressure Media
Clean dry nitrogen or dry air, 5 micron filtered